Our story

Horamy has been specializing in the production of cotton flannel shirts for several years. Sewing flannel products is our passion. We love the versatility, the endless possibilities of colors and patterns. Our products are suitable for nature and the city, for him and for her. We do the best we can, we stand behind every product and we do not compromise on quality.

We are nature lovers. We like to spend time in the mountains, forests or by lakes and rivers. When we wanted to buy a flannel from a Slovak manufacturer in the past, we found out that there is no longer any in Slovakia. It was very surprising because our country has a very rich history in the textile industry. Shortly after that, the idea came to sew them on my own. We were students and we learned everything as we went along and from our own mistakes. It was a beautiful and challenging journey. We are very happy that thanks to our wonderful customers, we were able to turn in a short time a few pieces of the first shirts into a production that we can count in the thousands today. We thank you!